Call of Duty- Ghosts: Bare-Bones Weapon Guide

Wanted to make a post today, but not feeling up for another indie spotlight article, so here’s a little filler. I’m gonna cover… as many of the weapons as I can in CoD: Ghosts. This isn’t meant to be a super-detailed thing, just a quick read for people just getting into the game. If anyone reading this has watched ‘Raging Amish’, this is basically his Amish Warfare segment.

Assault Rifles:

SC-2010: 3-5 shot kill, average fire rate. Most versatile. Use perks and attachments to build it for your preferred combat, use it’s well-rounded-ness to tackle everything else.

SA-805: 3-4 shot kill. Ugly irons, noticeable kick. Fix/manage those problems and you’re golden. Works well silenced.

AK-12: 3-4 shot kill, lower fire rate. Don’t fire bursts, the gun kicks less after the first couple shots. Better for long range.

FAD: 3-4 shot kill, high fire rate. Gun kicks more after first few shots. Good power and big magazines make it good for silencing.

Remington R5: 3-5 shot kill, painfully slow fie rate. Use at longer ranges only. Gun stays at a 3 shot kill ’till around sniper range. Irons are terrible. Grip doesn’t seem to help.

ARX-160: 3-6 shot kill, above average firerate. Noticeable kick and bad damage at range, use for CQC only. Grip can mostly fix the kick.

Submachine Guns:

Bizon: 3-6 shot kill, high fire rate. Kick is low enough for close range, and almost low enough to consistently kill people at the 6 shot range.

Vector CRB: 3-6 shot kill, low fire rate. Kick is enough to be annoying, but the power over range is pretty good.

K7:3-7 shot kill, high fire rate. Kick is moderately high, gun is useless past the damage drop range. Try Rapid Fire + Grip for maximum CQC power.

MTAR-X: 3-4 shot kill, average fire rate. Ugly, obstructive irons, worrying amounts of kick. Has good power over range though.

Light Machine Guns:

Ameli: 2-4(?) shot kill, low fire rate. Best for close range, but grip/muzzle brake aren’t a bad idea. Kicks less after first couple shots.

M27-IAR: 3-4 shot kill, low-ish fire rate. Most well-rounded, with fast reloads. Grip isn’t vital. Works well silenced.

LSAT: 3-5 shot kill, high fire rate. Kicks more after first couple shots, so don’t lay on the trigger without a grip. Extended mags is a good choice, because it burns ammo fast.

That’ll do for now, I think. I’ve got a couple more indie spotlights articles in the works, so hopefully those will be out soon.

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