Metal Gear Solid VS Mark Of The Ninja. Alt Title- stop giving me stuff you don’t want me to use!

Something that always bugged me about the MGS games is that, for a game that is ultimately against violence, they do their best to make it look cool and effective. Then they punish you for using this cool and effective method they showed you for getting to the objective they asked you to accomplish. I finally unlocked/researched every single weapon in Peace Walker, and you know what? 90% of them are useless for the fabled “no kill no alert” run. Silent and non-lethal weapons will be your mainstay against everything but unmanned boss enemies, where launchers are take priority.

“But I wanna use this machine gun/airburst launcher/anti-tank rifle I found!” So do I, but if you do, you can kiss your S-Rank goodbye, as well as your heroism rating if you’re on PW. Hell, MGS3 guilt-trips you over every soldier you killed. It doesn’t care if they were a second away from blowing your face off. Even the bosses, which die when defeated non-lethally. I still enjoy the series, at least up till MGS V, but this is obnoxious. Obnoxious even for a series that put us through the MGS2 humiliation conga.

Mark of the Ninja is just as big on sneaking around and avoiding combat, but it doesn’t punish you for doing otherwise. Yes, you get more points at the end of the level for being seen less and killing less, but the game gives you points up front for effectively killing guards and hiding their bodies, or using them to terrorize their brethren. It is its own, entirely viable playstyle for people who don’t enjoy the default. Thus, when MotN gives me a way to kill bad guys more efficiently, I can actually employ it. If nothing else, it seems an easier approach. All those rifles and sub-machine guns I got in MGS? People had to model those, make the textures, firing noise, recoil patterns and so on. Seems like a lot of work for a weapon you’ll actively punish players for using.


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