Payday 2- This Achievement is Bull****!

Now, I like Payday 2, as my earlier mentions of it might have suggested. At some time, I’m going to do a proper review on it, as it does a bunch of things right. That time is not now.

Before I continue, some background. In Payday 2, you can modify guns with parts, parts which change their stats. Before, these parts were awarded, at random, at the end of each successful heist. This was okay at first, until the number of available parts exploded in quantity, thanks to the DLC packs. Thus, as a counter, the developers at Overkill tried a new system with their newer DLC: achievement-based attachment unlocks. I liked this originally, because it makes sense. You want more parts for your sniper rifle? Do some cool stuff with it.

But then we got to the shotgun DLC, where 1 particular achievement is driving me utterly insane. It is called “Shotgun 101”. The challenge seems simple enough: “Kill at least 50 enemies and get 101% accuracy or above with any shotgun.” But then, over the course of 3 separate days of playing, I realized how tricky this is, starting with the definition itself. How do I get 100+% accuracy? Is this like Goldeneye 007, where each pellet counts even if it hits the same guy? I didn’t know. Not until I tested it. Instead, I have to hit 2 enemies at least once, then not miss a single time until I leave the mission.

First off, getting double-hits is already a pain, even before you shackle it to the other requirements. Any difficulty mode below Very Hard often won’t throw enough enemies at you to get those double-shot opportunities. Then, your teammates will be trying their best to clear these mobs with grenades and their own weapons, so your best bet may be to run missions completely alone. Running missions alone is frustrating because of enemies like Tasers, Cloakers, and Bulldozers, who are specifically designed to ruin the guy who breaks off from the rest of the team.

As I said before, every miss has to be canceled out with another double-hit. Do you have any idea how many situations might make you miss completely?

It's more likely than you think

It’s more likely than you think

Get hit by a taser? You spray your entire magazine, even if you’re using a pump-action, thanks to the resulting muscle spasms. Get charged by a Cloaker, who can one-hit-kill you? I hope you don’t accidentally fire a shot after he dies. Hell, get charged by regular SWAT? You might waste a couple shots on dead bodies, as they block the guys behind them from your pellets.

But I persevered. I stuck to it. I displayed impeccable timing and placement, lining up double-shots and missing as little as possible. I got a whopping 107% accuracy and over 100 kills… and where the hell is my achievement?!

I got it! Wait...

I got it! Wait…

Apparently, there are some unspoken requirements in the challenge. According to forum-goers, you must only use your shotgun for the entire mission. And again, I have to rely on first-hand testing and hearsay because Overkill won’t give us anything more specific. So anyway, you must use a shotgun, and only a shotgun. Use a grenade to buy breathing room? No achievement. Switch to your secondary to kill a sniper? No achievement. Melee bash through a window for a quick escape? That’s right, no achievement. None of these actions effect your accuracy statistic.

So, lemme get this straight. I sat in a mission, by myself, through a dozen assault waves, after I’d already completed the objective, not knowing if I had enough kills or accuracy (because you can’t track either mid-heist), trying to line up all these god-damned double-hits as I got shot from every direction, and I still don’t have this achievement yet?

Are you kidding me? I pursued this until the point where fun was replaced by utter dread. Did so in one of my favorite games, because I wanted to see this new unlocking scheme succeed. And this is what I get? What utter nonsense.

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  1. Your welcome says:

    Use locomotive on Mallcrashers on easiest setting. Only shoot when you have cops lined up. or standing in groups.

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