Terraria- It’s kinda like Minecraft but with more death

Today we’re covering Terraria by Re-Logic. It has often been criticized as “Minecraft in 2D,” but I don’t think that’s fair. They’re both games that start you off with very little direction, and have you advance by mining higher tiers of materials, yes. I personally prefer Terarria though, for some reasons detailed below.


So you start out in an forest with nothing but some basic tools and weapons. You make a house out of the closest components you can find, maybe some stone or wood, to keep out the zombies and flying eyeballs at night. You start digging down/looking around to find some better materials, using them to advance further. So how is this not like Minecraft?

Well, Minecraft is mainly a creativity game. I’ll admit it, I’m not fond of creating just for its own sake. Take these reviews for example. They’re fun to write, but it’s off the hope that someone will read it and thus find an enjoyable game they may not have otherwise. Thus Terraria appeals to me because you find all sorts of neat weapons and accessories… then you use them to beat the daylights out of Cthulhu’s disembodied eyeball.



When it comes to combat, you have options. You’ve got the Fighter, Thief, Mage trinity, but the latest major update has also added “summoner.” That 4th one takes some time to actually get access to, but it’s worth it. I was playing with a friend who had hornets orbiting her at all times, firing stingers at anything they saw. Better yet, because it’s gear-based, there’s nothing stopping you from switching between them whenever you want. Or you could run some hybrid character that alternates between throwing balls of cursed fire and smacking people in the face with a flail. The quick-select bar helps support the above, or the more mundane “build structure x that uses 5 different materials.”

Some of this said gear can be found in hidden chests throughout the world.  A double-jump ability, a mirror that teleports you home, grenades… There’s something for everyone. Some of the more interesting weapons and accessories are only found this way, which can be a little annoying. However, since characters maintain their health and inventory between worlds, you can always build another one and go check there. The hidden treasures also, in my opinion, give players more reason to explore the world. During the process of which they will find even more cool stuff they weren’t even aware existed, which can help them explore even further. It all builds on itself.

The later half of the progression, called Hard mode, is a bit of a grind. You need to smash open the demon altars (preferably keeping one to make the boss summon items), which will put down the new ores into the world. Then you’ve gotta find this ore (which could be anywhere), make more gear out of those, and kill the new bosses to get even better ore to make better gear. Thankfully, they changed the worst aspect of it, where, to make Hallow armor and weapons, you had to make three versions of the weapon or armor you wanted from the preceding tiers of ore. That was just ridiculous. That is still the case on consoles though, so keep that in mind if you don’t want this game for PC.

My other complaint is… well not much of a complaint but more a logical restriction. There is an end. There will be a point where you have everything you want. The highest tier armor. The best weapons and accessories for your chosen fighting style, with ideal modifiers. A nice place to store and showcase the riches of your travels, while housing all the interesting characters you’ve met in the process. When you reach that point, then you might have trouble maintaining interest. That said, it takes a while.

A looooooooooooooooooong time.

A loooooooooooooong while.

Terraria is available on Steam for $10. If you’re the sort of person that needs to play with others, there’s also a four pack available for $30. Price-wise, I’d say the game is a good deal, but the purchase is ultimately up to you guys, as always.

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