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Magicka- Spell-based Shenanigans

Greetings once again. Today we’re talking about Magicka by Arrowhead Game Studios and Paradox Interactive, a game about one to four hapless wizards trying to save the world. The gameplay consists of fighting enemies or bosses and navigating dangerous environments, … Continue reading

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Payday 2- Cooperative Crime

Today we’re reviewing Payday 2 by Overkill, a game about committing major heists with your fellow players. You’ll rob stores, nightclubs, art galleries and others in the pursuit of cold hard cash. You’ll start with a basic rifle, pistol, and … Continue reading

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5 Ways “Five Nights at Freddy’s” is Genuinely Scary

A number of Youtubers have recently covered this new horror game “Five Nights at Freddy’s”. The short version is that you play as a night shift security guard in a restaurant with animatronics that get bored during the off hours, … Continue reading

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E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy – A rough experience

Today we’re reviewing EYE: Divine Cybermancy, by Streum On Studios. It is an ambitious little game that is hamstrung by the limitations of the developers, but still delivers an interesting experience. Unfortunately, it’s a title where you need to sift … Continue reading

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Warframe- A Free To Play MMO

Hello readers! Today we’re covering Warframe, a Free to Play MMO by Digital Extremes about Space Ninjas. What a mouthful. I’ve been putting this review off. Repeatedly. A big part of this is the Open Beta status it has been … Continue reading

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