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Gripes about the MGS series

I love Metal Gear Solid. It’s a fun series that still manages some serious moments, while delivering very tense stealth gameplay. That said, I haven’t found a game that I’ve completely enjoyed. I’m gonna cover some of (in my opinion, … Continue reading

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Starcraft II: Heart Of The Swarm

Welcome back readers. Today we’re covering one of the more popular games on the market, but it’s from a series I’ve always held dear, and thus couldn’t ignore. Read on for the second installment in Starcraft 2: Heart of the … Continue reading

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Quick FTD Update

I keep trying to make a more comprehensive article on the changes this game has had since my last piece on it. And you know what? It’s nearly impossible, in a good way. Dozens of new types of blocks (such … Continue reading

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Shadowrun Returns- Cyberpunk RPG

Today I’m covering Shadowrun Returns, developed and published by Hare-brained Schemes. It is titled such because we haven’t had a proper video game in this classic Cyberpunk universe since the SNES and Sega Genesis. For those new to the concept, … Continue reading

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Call Of Duty through the years

With Advanced Warfare on its way to store shelves some time in November, it being the first game since CoD4 I won’t be able to get, I thought now would be a good time to cover the old games. Especially … Continue reading

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