Quick FTD Update

I keep trying to make a more comprehensive article on the changes this game has had since my last piece on it. And you know what? It’s nearly impossible, in a good way. Dozens of new types of blocks (such as laser, and customizable jet engines) have been added, a faction/diplomacy system has been implemented, and a basic multiplayer system is reportedly functioning in the latest update. The game is frankly moving too quickly for me to meaningfully cover it all, especially because the recent update changed what half the blocks and materials look like, rendering all my screenshots out of date.

So anyway, the game is on Steam now. It’s fun if you like building things, as I said before. The fact that the game is still being updated and better yet, is doing so faster than I can write about it, is a great sign.

I’m going try for a proper review tomorrow, so stay tuned.

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