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Making Awesome a Challenge: Overwatch VS Warframe

I was playing Mercy in Overwatch, and I couldn’t help but notice how fun it was. Gliding from trouble spot to trouble spot, healing people up, nimbly dodging enemy fire, it’s an amazing experience and certainly not what one would … Continue reading

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8/27 Update- Can Summer be over yet?

Sorry guys, it’s looking you’ve got another weekend with no reviews X.X My life outside of Vidya Gaems has nearly destroyed my sanity over the past few weeks, as this is when my job is the hardest and pretty much … Continue reading

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Salt and Sanctuary

Welcome back everyone. Today we’re covering Salt and Sanctuary by SKA Studios, released as a timed PS4 exclusive in March of 2016 before making its way to Steam in May. The tl;dr description is “2D Dark Souls with platforming,” but … Continue reading

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Battlezone 98 Redux

Right, so full disclosure: I a massive Battlezone fanboy, so let me get this out of my system: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! So… context: I played Battlezone 64 and Battlezone 2 a great deal as a kid. We’re talking a stupid amount. And … Continue reading

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8/7/16- Quick Update

Couple things: 1- In case it was not clear, no review this weekend. I was off on vacation, and while I’ve got a few things close to done, nothing’s close enough that I can reasonably complete it without undoing all … Continue reading

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