8/27 Update- Can Summer be over yet?

Sorry guys, it’s looking you’ve got another weekend with no reviews X.X

My life outside of Vidya Gaems has nearly destroyed my sanity over the past few weeks, as this is when my job is the hardest and pretty much every friend I usually vent to about my little problems has much bigger more pressing matters on their plate. So I’ve been playing not to discover cool new worlds with new mechanics, but to hide out in the ones I already know like the back of my hand while I tell myself this madness will only endure for… what, 3 more weeks?

As I’ve mentioned prior, I’ve got a bunch of stuff in progress, and I started a review of Aquaria, but I’m just… not feeling up for that “die a lot while you learn how everything works” stage.

I do have one article I’m going to try to finish by today, but it’s not a proper review. Nah, the games I mentioned there aren’t at a point where I can review them competently yet, but I should probably add them to the to-do list.

Thanks for listening. I hope to resume my scheduled programming more consistently in the coming days, I’m just in a rough spot as of late.

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