Making Awesome a Challenge: Overwatch VS Warframe

I was playing Mercy in Overwatch, and I couldn’t help but notice how fun it was. Gliding from trouble spot to trouble spot, healing people up, nimbly dodging enemy fire, it’s an amazing experience and certainly not what one would expect from a healer.

In Warframe, I main a healer because I don’t have dem 1337 DPS. My guns and mods lag behind those at the top of the heap, so I need a build and a role that don’t rely on having the biggest numbers. So I play Trinity. You know what I do as Trinity, 99% of the time? Hit 2,3, and 4. It is so damn boring. And what makes it worse is that this is a game with a beautiful movement system. You know Genji, with his double jumps and air dashes and wall climbing? A pro Warframe player makes a pro Genji player look like a chump in the movement department. Even the super slow, tanky bastards like Rhino. I know I gave Warframe and DE a bunch of flak in my review, but if you ever do anything with Warframe, watch an experienced team navigate a map. It’s a work of art. All that said, Genji is more fun to play in general, because you actually do something with the movement. In Warframe it’s just a way to get you in front of a group of dudes so you can nuke them with a grenade launcher or a frame ability (They’ve been moving away from that by reworking Press 4 to Win frames such as Saryn and Mag, but they’re not there yet).

Most of the effort in Warframe is front-loaded. Rather than play a huge amount so you can instinctively juke out enemies or attack at the perfect moment, you play a huge amount to perfect your build so you can disintegrate anyone you so much as look at. And the better your gear, the less in-game skill you end up needing. You don’t need fancy movement when you can supercharge everyone’s movespeed with Volt, or can Wormhole across the map with Nova. You don’t need the awareness to juggle multiple points of interest when you can cause Chaos in the ranks with Nyx or slow every enemy on the map with Nova. You don’t need to aim particularly well when you can spam Simulor rounds with Mirage or apply a double damage buff to the entire map with Nova yes I am still bitter about how ridiculously all-purpose her ultimate is moving on.

Point being, both games take work to git gud, but Overwatch hands you situations where you can shine playing as your favorite hero while Warframe hands you moments where you throw big numbers and CC at the enemy’s big numbers and their CC and it’s not nearly as satisfying even though I’m dealing something like 1600% my weapon’s base damage. DE, kindly continue your trend of working on frame synergy and cool weapon mechanics, alright? There’s a bunch of great stuff in your game but it’s not at the level it could be, not yet.

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