Welcome back! Today we’re doing something a little different. I’m just gonna tell you that this free flash game, Fisher-Diver, exists. And you should go play it. Like, now, preferably. Please. It’s one of those, you know the ones. The sort of game you wanna tell people about but can’t because half the fun is experiencing it yourself. Takes maybe half an hour, give or take. But seriously. Go play it. Everything below the screenshot is going to be spoilers.

F-D 1.png

The circle thing is the diver, near the bottom edge is a fish.



You don’t want ’em.

Last Chance.

So… That ending, huh? I mean, man. I was just starting to get over my fear of the ocean. And that last note before the final fishing license? Gave me chills. Yes, I’m still avoiding spoilers a little. Just… this is really cool concept. The game does everything right. The minimal art style still works beautifully to convey the world you’re in. The gameplay is oddly entrancing. And the build-up is perfect. So many games and books and movies try to show how someone could go a little crazy from the trials of their daily life. This might be the first one I’ve seen that makes you experience those same trials, putting you in the same general mindset, and not giving you any warning that’s what’s going on until it’s nearly too late.

To anyone reading this that wants to be a game dev: Look at this game. This took the smallest fraction of effort and resources to create compared to your typical AAA title. It took me less than a day to beat. And yet this game gave me pause, it got to me. I’ve played hundreds of games by now. Many of them were expensive, many of them were fun, many of them were memorable. Very, very few of them got to me like this one did.

Sometimes that’s all you need to do.

Take care, everyone. See you next time.

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