Welcome back everyone. Today we’re covering Clustertruck, brought to us by Landfall Games and tinyBuild, released September 2016. I’ll get right to it: This game is fast-paced platforming fun, and if you’re into that sort of thing, I believe you should check it out. But let’s dive into the “why” of that, shall we?


Is that a truck cannon? I believe it is!

For story… there is none. You have 90 stages, spread across 9 differently themed worlds, where you must reach a red “Goal” banner. You do this, by running and jumping across the backs of herds of tractor trailers. The “why” in this case is never explained, and I’m fine with that. I don’t think any explanation would be ridiculously awesome enough to fit with the rest of the game.


Environmental hazards dominate the later stages, but make for some unique puzzles in the process.

As you finish stages, you get points. Points for completing the level, points for speed, and points for looking darn good doing so. They determine your score on the stage, and they’re also tallied up for buying new tools to better traverse the stages ahead, including a grappling hook and a slow time ability, though only two can be equipped at any given time. Some of the abilities are very costly, especially considering how easy it is to screw up when you’re going for points and have to restart the level completely, but otherwise I enjoy having a target beyond a shot at the leaderboards. It also helps that these new tools give a reason to return and replay previously beaten stages, to see what new strategies and tricks are possible.


Air Time is the easiest and safest way to get points… but also the slowest.

Individual stages aren’t very long, lasting around 30 seconds to a minute depending on how good you are and how much you use Slow Motion, but that’s not a detriment. It cuts the game into much more manageable chunks so that players without a bunch of time can make progress in shorter play sessions, which I’m really appreciating as I try to juggle stuff in real life. I really wish there was some sort of Desert World Redux section, because it has the simplest mechanics as the starting world, but one of the best songs in the entire game in my opinion. I love the music because it complements the game’s pace perfectly, capturing that speed rush nirvana you will hopefully be experiencing (and if not it’s also good for getting you psyched to try again). The clean, uncomplicated graphical style is fine too, because this is not the sort of game where you’re meant to stop and smell the roses. The only thing you should be looking at for any length of time is the next truck you’re going to jump to, and I only wish their color scheme stood out a little better in the sci-fi and laser worlds.

That was Clustertruck. I’ve spent the entire review talking it up, so safe to say I recommend it. It’s $15 on Steam.



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