Small, Non-games Post

Just putting in a reminder that today is the day a whole fragging bunch of people are standing up to tell the FCC to keep the Net Neutrality rules intact.

“The hell is that?”
The reason why you can watch Netflix and download Steam games without your ISP charging you more for the bandwidth you already paid for. And don’t have to worry about your favorite site being blocked because your ISP disagrees with it.

“Are you serious?”
Dead serious. Chambering your last round in the face of an approaching zombie horde serious.

“This is a bit bare-bones, you got any more?”
Yep. Get more info here.

Sites like mine couldn’t exist without NN. I doubt I’ll ever become a major reviewer myself, but that doesn’t mean I can’t stand up for the mechanisms that would allow future reviewers to get the views and attention I feel they deserve.

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